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          Excellent enterprise culture is the steady improvement base of HUALI. HUALI makes "people oriented accord development “as its soul. It creates a learning-oriented enterprise, and put together a team of a knowledge-based, professional type, and creative type; meanwhile, we pay attention to training the staff of values, and enhance their sense of ownership. Set up the spirit of breathing with HUALI, growing with HUALI, developing with HUALI. Enterprise culture makes HUALI always full of vitality, cohesion, innovation and competitiveness.

          ● Enterprise mission: Make our efforts to improve the patients' QOL.
          ● Enterprise spirit: solidarity contribution practicability innovation  
          ● Business philosophy: manage with faith, let our clients develop together
          ● Quality policy: a needle is equal to a life
          ● Enterprise tenet:Clients first, service best.
          ● Enterprise goal:To be a top manufacturer and spplier for medical products in Asia.


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